Sifu could soon be free with PlayStation Plus

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Sifu, the fighting game much appreciated by both critics and users, and developed by sloclap, may be coming up PlayStation Plus, although no official information has yet been disclosed.

The possible landing of the title for free on the Sony service was suggested by the PS Store, in the section library which opens to access the title catalog via browser. Players who own Sifu can log into their account online as well, by clicking on the Library and tab Played, reach the fighting game by swiping down.

Next to Sifu is the logo of PlayStation Plus, next to the version (PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5) played by the user. The title shares the same icon with games already in the service, such as Dirt 5 and Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, which have been added to the PS Plus lineup in recent months.

Of course, the logo that appears next to Sifu in players' online bookstores could be the result of an error, or it could be related to the fact that digital purchases included bonus content like art book and soundtrack. However, when downloading free PS Plus content on other games, such as Apex Legends, in the PlayStation Plus section of the Sony official website no icon appears.


We just have to wait for a possible official announcement to understand if we will soon be able to see Sifu for free on PlayStation Plus. The fighting game was launched on the market less than two weeks ago, so it seems strange that Sony and Sloclap are already thinking of collaborating to add it for free to the service, but the possibility is not to be excluded.

We recall that, a few days ago, the Director of The Last of Us Part 2 declared that Sifu has material of the highest quality, so much so that to be able to get to the GOTY. This is the game of the moment, and many figures in the sector have appreciated the work of Sloclap.

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