Silent Hill 2: here are the new statues inspired by the game

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News evening for Konami, which to his Silent Hill Showcase did not fail to present many interesting new projects for fans who have been waiting for some new chapter of the saga for a long time. Between remake of the second game in the saga, which we covered in this article, and the new official chapter, also covered by us, could not miss a bit of merchandise.

As usual, the collectors items that were presented were the masters statuette, small works of art representing the most iconic characters of Silent Hill 2 and even a little surprise.

Specifically we are talking about 4 action figures made by Gecco, and they will be:

  • Pyramid Head  with the classic weapons, the spike and the cutlass, interchangeable.
  • James sunderland, the protagonist of the game, with the ability to hold the gun, the wooden plank, the steel tube and even the Piramid Head cutlass.
  • Maria, in its first version in the form of a statue, which can have a free hand, or hold a gun.

And to close there will be a real small diorama, also usable as a piggy bank, of the final joke of the game, with the little dog at the controls of the computer giant with which he was commanding James's life up to that point.

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