Silent Hill, a new episode coming to PS5?

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The saga of Silent Hill after years of absence from any platform it seems to be preparing for a return in a big way. During an event of Konami aired in October, four new projects have been announced for the franchise; a remake for Silent Hill 2, the interactive TV series Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill: Townfall of Annamuna and NoCode and the mysterious Silent Hill f. An already quite charged relaunch for Konami's horror series but, at the moment, none of these four titles are being talked about. In fact, it seems that in Korea we are talking about a certain Silent Hill: The Short Message.
The projects announced in October at the moment seem to be quite far from even having a launch window while in Taiwan the mysterious Silent Hill: The Short Message is classified for the second time with a reference console, the PlayStation 5. Apart from this, not much is known about the game in question either but, according to the well-known leaker Dark Golem, it looks like it will be a free to play introductory game like it was years ago Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero per The Phantom Pain. Silent Hill is a saga that seems to remain in the dark for a while longer but we are slowly walking towards the light. Soon, perhaps, we will have a complete view of Konami's projects.

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