Silent Hill: an agreement is born between Sony and the alleged developer

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Today was a very special day for Silent Hill, after the ban of Dusk Golem on Twitter for sharing alleged screenshots of the game (of which you can read our article here), is a little while ago further news that sees Bloober Team in agreement with Sony as the alleged developer of the new chapter of the saga.

Bloober Team, a fairly well-known developer for The Medium and other titles such as Layers of Fear, has entered into agreements with Sony and this would lead us to think that at the base of everything there may be the development of a new Silent Hill.

In 2021, the software house would have made agreements with Konami, but neither side has ever revealed what they would have worked on. There were already echoes circling around the hugely popular survival horror video game, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

Today a ResetEra user, tale Arubedo, found a document from April 2022 online that reveals an agreement between Bloober Team and Sony, which seems to be working on a new chapter of Silent Hill.

The agreement in question states:

Bloober Team has entered into a major licensing and distribution agreement in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the distribution of new titles. Bloober Team will inform you directly about the details, including the release date, in further communications.

The document also states that Bloober Team expects this to positively impact financial earnings in 2022, and in the years to follow.

Some have speculated that this is something related to the possibility that Sony and Bloober Team have agreed to include the developer's games in the new PlayStation Plus service, while others think it is the beginning of a collaboration to develop a new Silent Hill.

How logical, one of the two rumors seems relatively more plausible and truthful than the otherHowever, the fact that screenshots were leaked yesterday and the user who posted them was banned for copyright infringement makes the second entry no longer so remote.

The same source noted that there would be more Silent Hill video games in the works, but no further details were provided, and everything therefore remains in the catalog of "rumors".

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