Silent Hill and Project Sakura are two different but related things

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Despite the speculation that Silent Hill: f and the leaked Sakura project are the same, one insider claimed that they are two separate things that have some sort of relationship to each other.

Earlier this week, Silent Hill fans finally started getting something with the reveal of a remake of Silent Hill 2, a multiplayer experience called Silent Hill: Ascension and most interestingly, a brand new game in the form of Silent Hill: f.

However, The Silent Hill: f trailer somewhat resembled a leaked title called “Project Sakura,” leading some to believe they were the same thing.

A few months ago, screenshots of the project leaked online and were rumored to be related to Silent Hill, showing a young girl walking around a school covered in flowers and post-its.

Considering it was rumored to be a Silent Hill project and had a similar focus on flowers, many thought that Silent Hill: f was Project Sakura.

It seems that this is not the case, however. Insider AestheticGamer talked about the games shown at the Silent Hill event and detailed their views on Silent Hill: f in a lengthy thread, noting the similarities to Project Sakura but denying they were the same.

Also let me clarify beforehand, Silent Hill f is NOT Sakura. They are related, of course, have the same motive going on and share a connection. Ito is also not working on Silent Hill f, but he has been working on Sakura. Keep this in mind, they are linked but they are not the same.

How the two projects are related is not very clear, but it is possible that Project Sakura could be some sort of PT demo for Silent Hill.

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