Silent Hill Ascension, an innovative experience is coming

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During the event that took place this evening dedicated to the franchise of Silent Hill, Konami has presented several works currently in the pipeline on the horror saga of the house. One of them is a rather peculiar new project (although we don't know how), called Silent Hill Ascension. This structure is an absolute novelty in the history of the brand, and it will be curious to see how it will evolve not only from the point of view of the narrative, but also of the gameplay.

Something can already be guessed at a visual level even from the trailer that was shown to us tonight, which we propose on the cover of the article and invite you to start. The game is developed by Genvid, and also features Bad Robot among the producers, while the title we know will go "live" in 2023: it seems that the new experience will be something different from the classic game, with lots of choices that will define yours. history.

If you are interested in discovering the innovative experience, we invite you to visit so that you can receive updates on news related to this production. From what you can understand in the email you will receive, Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive streaming series where the entire community will shape the story of Silent Hill, with availability 24/7, in 2023.

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