Silent Hill: Konami expires the domain and the site becomes a meme

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The story of Silent Hill e Konami it is increasingly absurd, so much so that what becomes a meme is no longer only the series of negligence or indifference by the Japanese company towards the legacy of one of the horror games that made history, but also the site of the franchise itself it is itself a meme.

How did it happen? In short, Konami itself in the last few hours has expired the domain of the site "", probably forgetting to renew it (the company is not new to such cases). But this is only the beginning.

In fact, a user, realizing this, has decided to buy it, and now if you decide to open the site mentioned, the only thing that will appear in the center of the screen is the screen of a tweet that reads "I wish I'd never drawn the fo *** to Pyramid Head".

I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.

— Masahiro Ito (@adsk4) February 20, 2022

It is not clear why the user who bought the domain chose that one (the tweet really exists, on the profile of Masahiro Ito, the art director of Silent Hill 2), but the fact is that the line between the funny and the tragic is really thin. It is truly heartbreaking to see that a large and important company like Konami has been the protagonist of such lightness, and it hurts even more to see a meme approached, however much harmless and goliardic, to the official domain of a title of the caliber of Silent Hill.

We do not know how the situation will evolve, if the new owner of the domain intends to resell it to Konami or if he wants to keep this meme online forever, or if he even wants to keep it as a "unique collector's item", but if there should be any updates in merit, we will not fail to update you.

Meanwhile, Konami has not found a huge success with his new creation eFootball, the home free-to-play football, so much so that he had to put his hand back on last year's chapter.

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