Silent Hill: Konami rekindles hopes with a clue

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Silent Hill it may not yet be finished, given that a clue taken directly from some of Konami's moves seems to have rekindled hopes for fans.

As the gaming world is now fully aware, the "new" Silent Hill announced for PS4 it had to be one of the top titles of Konami starring Norman Reedus, also seen in consideration that in addition to him the nightmares of the Japanese house would have taken shape from the partnership between Kojima and Del Toro, who then subsequently joined forces together with the actor to give life to Death Stranding.

After disappearing from the radar for a while, here it is in the course of 2015 the game is canceled, as well as the PT demo on the PlayStation Store. Konami promised that it would engage the IP in other ways, but to this day we still have nothing in the pipeline.

However, after about 7 years of silence, something seems to be moving, but we don't feel we can rely on it too much. As Reddit user LongJonSilver pointed out, Konami has updated the Silent Hill franchise branding, along with many others.

We want to clarify that this renewal means absolutely nothing and does not make the return of the IP official, just as it is not to be connected to a possible game or revival that follows. The only thing it shows is that Konami has not actually forgotten Silent Hill yet and that maybe, one day, it will come back to offer something to users, who have been waiting for its return for years now.

However, if you are hungry for the return of Silent Hill, some fans have made a remake of the game in Unreal Ungine 5, if you are curious to see it all you have to do is click on this link.

Unfortunately, the news related to the title for today ends here, we also expected something bigger but at present things end here, we just have to hope and cross our fingers.

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