Silent Hill: new game anticipated by screenshots, ban Dusk Golem

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The affair concerning Silent Hill, the developer and publisher Konami, for an new game requested loudly and all the issues related to them have become almost a meme in recent years. If we take into account, for example, all the fuss that has arisen around Abandoned and the CEO of Blue Box Game, or the Silent Hill official website which domain appears to have been purchased by a user (and actually used as a meme).

A new clue, this time really big, is given to us by Dark Golem and its consequent except for Twitter. The well-known insider in the last few hours has in fact shared screenshots on the twitter social network, images which seemed to belong to a new game dedicated to the Silent Hill series: these images were short-lived, since they were then removed from the social network (a post still existing, which we propose in the source).

Some users, however, were quick, and repurposed them on the Resetera forum: HERE THE IMAGES.

Furthermore, as anticipated, the insider was banned from Twitter: both clues, that is, deletion of images and bans, seriously suggest that this material was authentic, and therefore really from here soon we could expect the announcement of a new game on Silent Hill. Clearly, until then, we invite you to take that hypothesis only as a rumor.


— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) May 13, 2022

So what we can do is just stick to the facts: the images have been deleted, and the insider banned from Twitter for - as you can read above - Copyright infringement.

In the original post, Dusk Golem stated:

There is much that I will not share for now. What I am proposing comes from a relatively new source to me, but I have been given more than enough evidence to believe it. I will also mention the names of "Anita and Maya", "SMS Messages", and it is not the only SH (Silent Hill ed) game currently in development.

According to these words, we could even expect more than a surprise related to Silent Hill. Dusk then continued:

These photos are a little dated, from 2020, so this project now looks a little bit different, but which I'm choosing to share. I know that many will doubt it, but I have a lot of private evidence to prove it is reality, and as always I will continue to wait for the reveal of the new Silent Hill game.

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