Silent Hill Remake in Unreal Engine 5 is being made by fans

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In recent times, there have been many rumors and rumors that have echoed in the corridors about a remake of Silent Hill 2, perhaps developed by Bloober Team (the team of The Medium), but today to tickle our sixth sense and a half. the trailer for Silent Hill Remake made in U.

In the trailer in question it is possible to view a probable remake in development by some fans in Unreal Engine 5 of Silent Hill, a title released on PlayStation back in 1999. At the head of the video there is a caption that gives us hope, both for us and for most of the fans of the Konami series.

Silent Hill recreated in Unreal Engine 5 exclusively by TeaserPlay, a dream that we hope will come true.

And frankly, if we can let ourselves go a little, we hope so too. In the trailer it is possible to revisit the original atmospheres of the game with the eyes, putting under the eyes of the users a graphic quality of excellence, both for what concerns the setting, and for the monstrous creatures that have accompanied our worst for some time nightmares.

Silent Hill we remember being a videogioco survival horror Konami license plate, which was the assault ram for many sequels and spin-offs, however the most famous remains the first chapter in which Harry Mason decides to take his daughter Cheryl on vacation in the town from which the game itself takes its name.

What apparently was supposed to be a quiet holiday seasoned with the most complete and pure relaxation, turns into instead for both a seemingly endless nightmare. A nightmare in which the gamer himself will be forced to extricate himself, to solve questions that will have solutions that are anything but obvious.

The game was also an inspiration for two films, one in 2006 with the simple title of Silent Hill, which freely takes its cue from the first two chapters of the saga, and another in 2012 from the title Silent Hill: Revelation, which instead takes its cue from the third.

It is also worth specifying that although the first film received negative opinions from the critics, it nevertheless received a good consensus from the public. The same cannot be said, alas, of the second film, which was rejected by both critics and audiences.

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