Silent Hill Townfall is the new spin-off from Annapurna

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Konami ha waited a long time to let us have new news on Silent Hill, but apparently the wait has paid off. Yes, because in addition to the announcement of the highly anticipated remake of the second game in the saga, which we have covered here, several new experiences have been presented, including Silent Hill Townfall.

From the small trailer released we understand little, except that it is a game, that i themes will be very similar to those classics of the series and that everything will be based on audio and video recordings.

In fact, in the teaser we hear a pre-recorded voice speaking directly to us, telling us that we came here to "be punished" and for "some other reason". Meanwhile, from a small television set you can see disturbing images, between alleys, bloody bodies and an unidentified face.

In short, a very cryptic teaser trailer. Another piece of information we can give about the game is that the developers will not be Japanese. Although the game remains Konami's, until now the guys from No Code, the creators of Observation, supported by Annapurna Interactive, i publisher di What remains of Edith Finch in order to understand each other.

This it's not Konami's only project announced today that he is leaving in the hands of a non-Japanese company, rather. We will have to wait to know if the trust the company is showing in the Western market will pay off or not.

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