Silent Hill Townfall may be related to PT

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Almost ten years after the release of PT su PlayStation 4 it is undeniable that the playable teaser di Konami developed by Hideo Kojima has remained in the hearts of all horror video game fans. Although he is now certain that Silent Hills will never see the light it seems that the new spin off of the saga developed by Annapruma Interactive e NOCODE is set right in the universe of the teaser.

An article by The leak in fact it seems to affirm that Silent Hill Townfall and PT are set in the same universe; failing, however, to define whether it is a direct continuation of the demo or just an inspiration. Accompanying the portal theory is mainly a frame present in the spin off trailer, which would show a corridor very similar to one of those that can be explored in Kojima's teaser.
Obviously these are just conjectures and a corridor is definitely not enough to confirm a theory. The fact remains that all fans of Konami's horror saga would like to see a continuation of the famous 2014 teaser without continuation and to somehow bring it back to life would be a really great move by the Japanese development house. NoCode is already known for the development of horror games and we can be sure of being in expert hands, aware of this we just have to wait for other news pending the release of the new spin off of Silent Hill.

Fonte: The Leak
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