Skate 4: pre-alpha gameplay video leaked

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Skate 4 he can't wait to get the players back on the boards, and even the fans themselves are always with their eyes on the development studio to steal some juicy news. This time, however, the novelty is quite large, and was found on Odysee by Jeff grubb by VentureBeat, who then shared it on his Twitter profile. He has in fact shared through a post a video with what appears to be 30 seconds of gameplay taken from the pre-alpha version of Skate-4.

According to what Grubb reported, it appears that EA is currently testing this early-build of the game, and that these images are taken from the pre-alpha prototype. The reason for these tests is to test the real feeling of the game, even before details are added in the setting, graphics and so on.

This is Skate 4 pre-alpha footage. This is in line with what I've heard about where the game is at from multiple people. They're trying to get the feel right, which is probably the most important aspect of a Skate game.

— Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) April 20, 2022

As you can also read from his own words, everything that is seen in this short video clip would show that indeed everything we have seen and heard in recent times about Skate 4 corresponds to the truth (we mean about the type of game that awaits us and about that that the project wants to become, as well as the current state of work).

Although the images may seem almost unambiguous, we remind you that this information has not been released in an official way, nor has EA yet exposed itself to this effect, so we invite you to consider the news a simple rumor.

Recall that during the showcase EA of E3 2020, the creative director Cuz Parry and the game director Deran Chung they announced the title, however without revealing much about it. Actually, until recently, we only knew that Skate 4 exists, but little else, so these first 30 seconds, if they turn out to be authentic, would be an actual first glimpse of the game, small or large whether you want to consider it.

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