Skate 4: the Electronic Arts game changes its name and will be free

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Skateboard. it is reality, and we are talking about the game that until recently was known as Skate 4, but that after i playtest was leaked, and after the company today had the opportunity to confirm everything, it has finally changed its name: it will also be free to play.

There will be no lack of support a cross-play e cross-progression fra old-gen e next-gen and between the various platforms. We are dealing with a game that apparently has lost the number that identifies the chapter as it is ready to be configured as the definitive episode for the perfect brand for lovers of skate made in Electronic Arts. We are dealing with a game that as just mentioned will be free for everyone when it is finally released by the company.

At the moment, unfortunately, there are not many details in this regard, and what we know is that in fact in a few time the title will be released, hoping specifically that the works continue to flourish, but the company at the moment has not yet been able to provide a launch window. Find a first gameplay video below, although it is certainly not the final version, and the complete interview on the cover of the article.

As explained, more than a direct sequel to the first three chapters, we are talking specifically about a platform which will then be expanded for years, with the development team that will obviously have the opportunity to improve from time to time the experience that aims to become a real point of reference for what concerns the world of skate.

Obviously, many details remain to be discovered in this sense, and all that remains is to wait for news on the issue thanks to the developer, who certainly, continuing with the work - far from in another sea, contrary to what had emerged time to behind - he will have the opportunity to talk more about the new free game Skate., hoping it will not be necessary to wait long.

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