Skull and Bones: gameplay e dettagli all’Ubisoft Forward 2022

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During the event Ubisoft Forward, the pirate game was also shown Skull and Bones. For those who do not know, this new title of the French company takes us inside a pirate ship, with which we will have to face the threats that the Indian Ocean will be able to give us. As we have seen, the gameplay, however, does not stop only in the simulation of naval battles, because the title Ubisoft, it will also lead us to face threats on the ground.

The new video, which you can admire on the cover of the article, aims to show the strengths that the game will present when it is released, with various mature themes covered for the title, which certainly has a lot to prove to fans.

Once anchored in a lair or in special outposts, players will have to work to build their own marine fleet, socialize with local pirates, search for secret messages in bottles thrown into the sea, acquire new contracts and refuel. before taking on the new missions. Not all islands on the map will be open to visitors, but the ocean is so vast that there will still be plenty of places to explore and battles to win.

Obviously, the strong point of Skull and Bones is the gameplay in the open sea, this is where the developers have decided to aim all the fulcrum of the game. The developers have been working for years, to be able to deliver a vast, challenging and very interesting ocean to explore. Each type of forwarding ship will offer a return of different sensations, because the physics in the water has been evolved, interacting continuously with the boat. Like water, the wind has also been made an interactive and totally priority atmospheric agent, precisely to simulate even more navigation on sailing ships of that caliber.

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