Sky Glass: all the news of the new Sky television

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Il television market it is certainly very competitive, and today Sky entered it with a straight leg thanks to its Sky Glass, The first TV of the company. First, the company has assured that it will be possible access all normal channels e all the most used platforms, including: Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and of course the entirety of the Sky offer.

But what's really interesting is that all of these services will be available directly from one home page which should contain everything together, and there will be a way to make one single search that will go fishing from all platforms simultaneously.

Surely this will make it faster to find something to look at, as it will be possible even alone search for a genre or actor to have available pretty much every movie and series ever made that could match. After that, Sky also told us about the Glance technology, which will allow the television di be activated even just at the simple passage of a person in front of his screen, and praised the audiovisual quality.

In fact, the device mounts one screen with Quantum Dot technology, capable of “identifying and optimizing specific areas within individual images, to render the blacks even blacker and colors even brighter"And" six powerful integrated speakers "able to" offer a audio Dolby Atmos® with a subwoofer designed to make the bass rich and deep ”.

As a last resort, this would be the first television in the world to be certified as CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact Partners as it brings together several devices into one, thus reducing the use of electricity by 50%. In short, a small technological miracle, sold however only together with the Sky subscription "Entertainment Plus" and in monthly installments.

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