Skyrim: a mod turns it into an RTS

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It's been over a decade since Skyrim was launched and, even today, many players thanks to mods, like this one that turns the game into an RTS, they always find new ways to enjoy the Bethesda title

Over the past decade, you have surely seen a lot of weird and creative mods for Skyrim. A city building RTS mod is something you may have heard somewhere before, but unfortunately after the release of the Special Edition it had stopped working. However, a modder has restored this mod to its old glory, so as to allow players who have purchased the new version of the game to be able to build their own village. 

In the RTS mod, you can therefore build various structures and decorate them with a wide variety of furniture. Working with the mod could be confusing without proper guidance, so we suggest you watch the video in this article to get a general understanding of the mod and how it works.

You can start your game by building a shelter, then later expand it into a village by building new houses and shops. Recruiting the inhabitants is the next step to add other buildings such as workshops and the like.

However, building a village will come at a cost. To create new structures or recruit villagers, you will have to pay the price in gold or firewood. You can download this mod for Skyrim Special Edition from NexusMods using this link. 

If you love the mod on Skyrim, we also recommend this one which practically transforms it into Cyberpunk, albeit with fewer bugs. Furthermore, as communicated by Spancer, the next game Bethesda Starfiel is really very ambitious, so much so that it wants to overcome the immense success obtained from the fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls, also in this case you can find more details in this link.

The information related to the Skyrim RTS mod for today ends here, we just have to leave you to the movie and wish you a good vision.

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