Skyrim eats Cyberpunk 2077: a huge sci-fi mod arrives

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An big mod she arrived for The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition, to the modder's opera ripcat. It is a huge expansion of the game's science fiction city, called Fort Knox.

This mod features a sci-fi and modern city made up of ben 5 areas major bindings, and is a must for all Skyrim and sci-fi fans. The main areas are Accord Plaza, Downtown, Industrial Zone, Yanabayashi Park and Lake Athabasca. Also, the mod introduces Octo8 Island, an island accessible by shuttle from Accord Plaza, consisting of 2 areas: the Village and B-Salt Cove.

Fort Knox has over 150 internal (in total there are about 200), including bars, clubs, restaurants, a police station, shops and much more. In short, players will have a lot to explore. Ripcat then populated this very rich city with beyond 400 PNG, as well as with 7 different types of robots. Moreover, to all this must be added further 150 various objects between clothing, armor, accessories and modern weapons.

Players who want to download Fort Knox, this new Skyrim mod, can reach the download site by clicking on this link.

Speaking of Skyrim mods, users can also enjoy other content such as Wyrmstooth, an expansion that adds new dungeons and unreleased missions. Additionally, this mod brings elements of The Witcher into the game. Dragon Hall Tavern is another mod in 2GB heavy DLC format, which puts missions, new locations, an arena and more into Skyrim.

There is also Land of Vominhem and Legacy of the Dragonborn, as well as a mod that makes the game similar to Borderlands 3. There is also a Castlevania-inspired mod that introduces Dracula's castle.

We remind you that Skyrim Anniversary Edition, the definitive edition of the classic and timeless RPG, has been available for a few months Bethesda. This title is the sum of all the experience accumulated over these long years, starting with the release of Skyrim in 2011.

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