Solve the problem "Active Directory users and computers do not connect to the domain"

Solve the problem

A common mistake that users may face when opening computers and Active Directory users is that they cannot connect to the domain. The error message displayed indicates that “Name Information” could not be located because “The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted”. It also suggests that the user contact the system administrator and verify that the specific domain is configured and currently online. “OK” is the only option provided besides the red x button to close the error window.
Solve the problem

What causes this error and how do we fix it?

For starters, Active Directory refers to a directory service provided by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. Its function is to give authority to users and devices that operate within a domain network. AD also assists in installing and updating certain programs and software. Active Directory Users and Computers is an important management tool in Active Directory services. Therefore, it is a problem when Active Directory users and computers cannot connect to the domain.

There might be a few reasons why this error occurs

-Your computer may not be part of a Windows domain. You will have to check it out. If your computer is not connected to the domain, you should be able to connect it by following a few simple steps:

  • Right click on My computer o What PC on your desk

Solve the problem

  • Select Properties.
  • Click on Advanced system settings in the menu on the left

Solve the problem

  • On the Computer Name tab, select Change now.

Solve the problem

  • In the Computer / Domain Name Changes dialog box, you will find the options under “Member of”. Two options will be provided, Domain and Workgroup.

Solve the problem

  • Select Domain and in the given box, type the domain name you need.
  • Then click "OK".
  • Windows will now ask for your domain credentials and start your computer as a domain member.

You will need to restart your computer for the new domain to work.

- If you are logged in with a network that does not have access to the domain you need, you will need to locate and log into the network that is connected to that domain.

- If the problem is different, you may need to manually connect to the domain. These are the steps you can take:

  • When the error box appears, click OK and in the Active Directory Users and Computers window that opens, right-click “Active Directory Users and Computers” under the taskbar.
  • Select the "Change domain" option from the menu that appears. You can now search for the required domain or type the name yourself, whichever you prefer.


If you find that you have successfully connected to your domain but still cannot connect to Active Directory, you can try:

  • Remove your computer from the domain.
  • Add him as a member of a workgroup.
  • Now restart your computer and reconnect it to the domain. You may need to reboot again to log into the domain, but the method has been tested and will most likely work.
  • If that also doesn't work, you may need to delete the computer account from Active Directory on the system, the directory may have been corrupted.
  • While not really damaged, deleting the account may help correct network problems that may have prevented Active Directory from responding to the domain.

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