Sonic Frontiers, angry fans: "It looks like a demo"

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Last week, the first Sonic Frontiers gameplay trailer was shown, the new open world platform from SEGA. And, just five days after the release of that video, fans have lashed out at the developers, accusing them of developing a game that looks like a demo or, worse, some sort of beta version.

Even, combined with the cry of the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers, fans of the games of the most famous hedgehog in the videogame world have asked for the release of the title to be postponed to next year. Yes, because it is clear that SEGA needs some more time to close the development of an ambitious title like this.

Because the game world, which returned vibes to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which the developers were inspired by, is unable to move at Sonic's pace. Our hedgehog seems slow, staid, far from what we have been used to seeing for over 30 years.

Furthermore, there are several problems of an aesthetic nature. This immense world seems empty, dead, still and does not at all invite users to explore, something that any open world worthy of being called to do should, on the contrary, ensure. In short, it seems like a game that makes water on all sides.

It's still, texture loading is slow and cumbersome and very tedious to see. In addition, the platforming component of Sonic Frontiers seems reduced to the bone. A few platforms here and there, a few routes here and there and nothing more.

The real problem with this title, however, is the total distortion of Sonic. In this chapter of his thirty-year series, he seems anything but lightning. As mentioned, he seems slow, listless, staid. In short, it is no longer him.

This set of things has led fans to ask the software house to take more time for development. A bit like what happened at the launch of the trailer for the first film dedicated to the figure of the blue hedgehog. Its CGI rendition hadn't convinced anyone and Paramount had run for cover to make it more faithful to the original.

Mission accomplished: thanks to the film released three months behind schedule, the success was sensational. And who knows that the same thing may not happen in this title, perhaps postponing the release to the first half of 2023.

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