Sonic Frontiers: Open world gameplay is shown in a teaser trailer

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sonic frontiers is the new effort of SEGA dedicated to the most famous blue hedgehog in the world: it is no coincidence that in recent years the brand is experiencing almost a second youth made up of gadgets Funko-Pop, plush and cross-media products such as i two blockbuster films at the cinema. Today the teaser trailer was released which finally shows the gameplay of the game.

The color is undoubtedly the master in the video: the element of metal and grass stands out in a photorealistic way while the protagonist, Sonic appears as detached from the backdrop, highlighted as a sign that the work done by the developers was undoubtedly Carthusian.

Nothing is left to chance and here is the blue hedgehog whizzing wherever he is with his super speed passing woods and flower meadows, using a search system that is loaded thanks to his kinetic power, facing dangerous killing machines while the much sought-after rings rotate semi-suspended nearby.

In combat, Sonic is very fast and accurate, it is no coincidence that it is possible to lift an enemy into the air and bounce against it with its proverbial "balled up" version then we see it in a rapid sequence of kicks and punches given at hypersonic speed, against an enemy with the appearance of a pyramid made up of balls, attacks incredible and without a breather. The scene ends with a tornado hit from KO is probably the final sequence of a quick time event which for now is not revealed but so it seems.

Immediately after our hero whizzes on the tracks overlooking the sea, even here the glance is important and we wonder if this sequence was shot on a "large" console such as Sony PlayStation 5 or if even on the small one Nintendo Switch we might expect such a detail.

The trailer ends with a fight against a boss (or similar): we just have to invite you to follow this page so as not to remain without info on the game, remembering that Sonic Frontiers is expected on all platforms.

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