Sony may cancel its upcoming Showcase due to Xbox

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According to a well-known insider, Sony is seriously considering not airing its annual PlayStation Showcase, because he believes he can strengthen the Microsoft case with regulators currently looking into its acquisition of Activision Blizzard King. It appears that some regulators have already viewed the acquisition positively, but others are still uncertain and are studying the situation very closely.

As you already know, at the center of the conflict between Micrisoft and Sony, there is the acquisition of Call of Duty, which according to the American company, would not have been made exclusive, while the Japanese company continues to assert that Microsoft's offer is not enough. The fact remains that all fans of the Japanese company are eager to see the PlayStation Showcase, as some exclusives were revealed last year in September such as Knights of the Old Republic Remake, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s Wolverine e God of War Ragnarok.

According to insider MIllie A, Sony should have announced its PlayStation Showcase already on 11 October, which would have taken place on 20 October. This is a model that fits very well with the habits of Japanese society, but this did not happen, so most likely the company decided to postpone the show until the end of October, trying to put together all the IP First parties as: Horizon Zero Dawn Remake, Silent Hill and maybe even new Final Fantasy 16 trailer.


The ongoing CMA investigation for MS acquisition of AB, has indeed delayed any Showcase plans for Sony. Exclusive titles and first party I.P were ‘locked in’. Sony believe a showcase will add weight to MS arguments. Silent Hill & Kojima Who Am I reveal were part of show.

— Millie A (@millieamand) October 17, 2022

At this point we just have to wait and understand what Sony's true intentions are, it is probably really waiting for the latest assessments from regulatory countries such as England, to get the green light, without fear of any retaliation by Microsoft.

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