Sony: «Microsoft wants us to become like Nintendo»

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Sony Interactive Entertainment declared that behind the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft there is the intention of excluding the Japanese company from the market of shooters with Rating 18+, making it in fact similar to Nintendo. These statements were made on the new answer by Sony to the regulator of the English market, which is investigating the operation.

In your response, Sony states that, if the operation goes through, a large portion of players would abandon the ecosystem PlayStation, giving the possibility to Xbox to raise prices, triggering a cycle of events that would also affect the existence of small independent developers. As you would expect, much of the documentation provided by Sony it concerns Call of Duty, leading franchisor of Activision, which it would risk becoming Xbox exclusive.

Sony used as an argument one particular statement made by Microsoft, concerning the fact that there has been who, despite the absence of Call of Duty, he thrived, especially citing Nintendo Switch. The case Nintendo however, it is substantially different, second Sony, as in this case not entering the 18+ shooter market was a conscious choice. Actually, Call of Duty e PlayStation they have always been linked over the years, and the fans of the title certainly represent a slice of the market that no company would be happy to lose. Market regulators Saudi Arabia e Brazil have already given their approval to the acquisition, as for them PlayStation it may very well be able to succeed without it Call of Duty, while the English regulatory body has not yet expressed itself, and will communicate its decision onMarch 1 2023.

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