Sony vs Microsoft: Nintendo pulls itself out of the clash

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In the last hours, Nintendo spoke about the "tender" for acquisitions that has been taking place in recent months between large companies, and it was precisely the president of the company Japanese: according to his statements, the Kyoto company has no intention of undertaking any type of transaction, such as those that have seen the giants of Sony and Microsoft as protagonists.

The waltz began when the green company bought Zenimax and Bethesda last year, only to finally sink the blow less than a year later - just last month - with an astronomical acquisition that counts. almost 70 billion of Dollars, that of Activision Blizzard.

In the following days, Sony did not stand by, and looking internally at what the membership may lack in the offer and in the home play park, for a figure that is around 3.6 billion, it signed an agreement with Bungie, or studio creator of Halo and the very active Destiny.

President Shuntaro Fukawa revealed his plans in November invest around 100 billion yen in development, however at this point it becomes clear what such investments will be internal only, and will not call third parties.

These are the words of President Fukawa:

Our brand was built on products created with dedication by our employees, thus having a large number of people who do not have Nintendo DNA in their blood. it wouldn't be something that would benefit the company.

Given the undisputed quality of its products and the dizzying sales of the latest Nintendo console, we can safely think that the company's path is well defined, and that it will remain so for a long time. That in the meantime we are thinking about the birth of a new studio within its ranks, which possesses the Nintendo DNA mentioned by President Fukawa? With the times, we may find out very soon.

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