Speed ​​up Firefox thus reducing CPU and RAM load

Speed ​​up Firefox thus reducing CPU and RAM load

Speed ​​up Firefox. Watch this guide to fully exploit the potential of Firefox using hardware acceleration, thus reducing the load on the CPU and RAM.

Speed ​​up Firefox

First of all we verify that the browser actually uses hardware acceleration by checking that the item in the settings Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled.

Hardware acceleration control

To actually check its use just go to about: support, to be typed in the address bar. In the Graphics section we will be able to check if the browser has enabled GPU acceleration if there are entries Direct3D on Composition e Active GPU.

If we don't find these voices active we can speed up Firefox by forcing hardware acceleration following the following steps:

  • we enter about: config from the address bar
  • we look for the voice layers.acceleration.force-enabled, let's change it to true

We close and restart the browser.

In addition to a decrease in CPU load  we will also notice a drop in RAM consumption,

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