Splatoon 3: all the news of Direct, from the card game to the DLC

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Today, 10/08/2022, we had a Nintendo Direct entirely dedicated to Splatoon 3, the third title of the very original shooter of the Japanese house. The game will be available exclusively Nintendo Switch from 9 September 2022 and together with the release date we have also announced a special themed edition of Nintendo Switch Oled, new maps, weapons and modes.

Apparently in Splatoon 3 we will first see a third team add to the 2 we were used to. Frye e Shiver, respectively purple and yellow teams, in the Splatfest they will in fact also compete with Big Man, apparently representative of a red team. A new modality seems to have also been announced, Mollusca mix, which will consist of a four against four where whoever manages to color most of the map will win.

In the new title, the characters will also be capable of various stunts that will help move around the twelve maps that we would initially have available in the game. Another field in which we will see several new additions is that of weapons: in fact, the armorer Armand will provide us, in addition to the various accessories, various original firearms and above all the brand new blades for close attacks.
For those who get tired of the excessively conflicting dynamics of the game, they can take a break and dedicate themselves to the collection of playing cards and challenge other players with these; in Splatoon 3 it will be possible to play Table Turf Battle, a 1v1 in-game card game with over 150 cards to collect. It will probably be played with particular attention to the playing field and it seems that the first deck will be delivered to us by Sheldon in Splatsville.

We will also see 3 new Splatoon-themed amiibo arrive on our desks this summer. Octoling Blu, Inkling Giallo e Smallfry in fact, they will soon be available on the shelves. We also know of the arrival of a rather full-bodied DLC with content currently unknown. The hype for the new Nintendo exclusive is certainly immense and we just have to wait these last few weeks to finally get our hands on it.

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