Square Enix: a PS5 exclusive has been postponed due to Final Fantasy XVI?

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During the past few hours the news has emerged that Square Enix have in the pipeline a new PS5 exclusive game, but its announcement was postponed due to Final Fantasy XVI. A VGC journalist thought about revealing this detail, and in a short time his words reached the world audience, promptly bringing in other insiders on the matter.

Simply put, a PS5 exclusive would be ready to be shown by Square Enix, but as in perfect corporate style it would be late. It has not been specified whether this eventual game can also arrive on PS4 and PC, but rumors give it as exclusive to the Sony flagship.

The reasons for this delay would be due to the delay of an already known game, or the expected Final Fantasy XVI (find more details in our dedicated news). The sixteenth chapter of the final fantasy is about 6 months behind schedule, obviously due to the damn COVID that is slowing development.

Apparently the publisher does not want to obscure the already announced titles such as the aforementioned Final Fantasy XVI or Forspoken, Square Enix is ​​convinced that showing a new PS5 exclusive now would be a damage. Some users have already started speculating on what this elusive title could be, but the insider wanted to clarify that it is not Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Remake Part II, as it is impossible to be the new Dragon Quest XII already announced last year (find the details of the announcement by clicking here).

Precisely for this reason, if we retrace some old rumors, we can begin to think that the eventual Square Enix PS5 exclusive may be either a hypothetical return of Parasite Eve, or the much talked about Chrono Cross remake. We remind you that, unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have concrete information, what we have reported has nothing official and the publisher himself has not yet expressed himself on the matter, we hope to find out more in the coming weeks.

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