STALKER 2 officially postponed, new release date

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Many, fans of the first chapter, are eagerly awaiting the new one STALKER 2, but unfortunately for these users the news is not good: the title has in fact been postponed (albeit with a new date already set), and it was communicated by the developers themselves via the official Twitter profile of the game.

The expected release date was close at hand (it was in fact April 28, 2022), however through the press release shared on the well-known social network we are informed that the new date is far away, but fortunately always in this calendar year: December 8 2022.

According to their words, these additional 7 months for STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl are necessary for development, to ensure the best possible experience, being the largest project in the history of the studio and which inevitably also requires a longer period. of testing and polishing.

As often happens in these cases, the study also stated that the decision was not taken lightly, and that such a solution was necessary, despite the fact that the whole team is currently at work giving their all.

— S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OFFICIAL (@stalker_thegame) January 12, 2022

However, we will not be left at the mercy of curiosity, because these months that now divide us from the release will be "filled" by the studio with continuous updates, but also real ones ShowCase who can't wait to show us. Although STALKER 2 has been postponed, therefore, there will be no lack of situations in which we will hear about it (and we hope for the best). Only half happy, we are waiting to find out more.

Recall that the title is currently in development, and that it will take advantage of the incredible new graphics engine of Epic Games, that is the Unreal Engine 5, of which we have already seen the great capabilities with the technical demo unveiled at the announcement of the engine, and above all with the open world experience of Matrix, released during the awards of The Game Awards 2021 and that we were able to test with hand.

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