Star Wars Eclipse: Quantic Dream si è ispirata a The Last of Us?

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A new game set in the Star Wars universe, entitled Star wars eclipse, was announced during the The Game Awards last December and is currently under development at Quantic Dream.

The studio took care of the well-known trio of titles, released exclusively on PlayStation consoles, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. On Star Wars Eclipse there is little official information, being still in the initial stages of production, however it is known that it will be set in the era of the High Republic.

Aside from that, you have a number of unofficial details Disclosed with the kind permission of AccountNGT, an industry insider and leaker, who actually leaked some information about the game before it was officially announced.

According to Account NGT, Star Wars Eclipse is unlikely to see the light before 2025, which would lead to fans waiting for at least another 3 years before they can get their hands on it, although previously there were rumors of a full 5 years of waiting. In addition to this vague launch window, the leaker said the game will have a Traditional action gameplay, comparing him to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

It will reportedly be a story ambitious, which will mix rich gameplay and a compelling story. Eventually, AccountNGT said that the development team is drawing inspiration from the beloved The Last of Us saga.

A mention is also made of competitive multiplayer, with a non-linear storyline and several playable characters. According to the leaker, the development of the title would be a lot challenging, as was the achievement of the high goals of Star Wars Eclipse. The development team would have had problems with hiring, among other things, and the ambitious project would have led to the need to expand the workforce in Quantic Dream.

The development of the title would have started only in 2021, less than a year ago. In addition to the details leaked online, it is hoped that we can have more information about the game soon, although Star Wars Eclipse is still a long way off.

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