Star Wars: first details on the game from the developer of Uncharted

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We had been talking for some time about the next projects of Amy Hennig, developer who got to work as Creative Director of the Uncharted saga, and who, as recently confirmed, is working on a title in the world of Star Wars of the developer Skydance New Media, of which the first details have been revealed.

At the moment we don't know much about it, except for the fact that as announced the game will be full of action and cinematics, which therefore underlines an approach that should be able to remember what we saw with the Uncharted saga, albeit obviously this time in Star Wars sauce.

There are many titles set in this universe currently being worked on, and although in this case many details are missing, including the setting in which this will be found, we know that the team is working closely with Lucasfilm as far as the narrative is concerned, and we will certainly have the opportunity to receive pleasant news in this sense.

After Project Ragtag canceled by Amy Hennig, for sure this is a new opportunity for the well-known developer to get involved with an entirely new high-budget experience, while also dedicating itself according to what we know to a Marvel project, as we have got to learn more in this article.

We just have to wait for news regarding the new experience, hoping that the development team will have the opportunity together with Amy Hennig to create a noteworthy work, and that therefore in a short time we can talk about a particularly ambitious project full of news for users, especially for those who have always wanted to put their hand on the Visceral Games experience which unfortunately has never seen the light for route of cancellation.

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