Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 could arrive as early as 2022

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Nibel is a well-known insider within the gaming industry, and often through his Twitter account he provides some information on what could happen in the coming months. The last of her tweets is about none other than Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, a title that according to its twitter could be revealed this year, before E3 2022.

On his profile, more precisely, he stated that the new title dedicated to the most stellar saga ever should be revealed probably around the month of May.

Not only that, by answering one of the comments, to the question about one possible release date, the insider replied that his source said the title could be launched around the end of the year, but that it could slip - and there are times we would not be surprised - even at 2023.

As always we would like to clarify that DON'T it is an official source, and therefore that for precise and concrete information - perhaps accompanied by a nice trailer - we must wait for an announcement or a simple declaration from Electronic Arts. Take this information only as rumor e rumors.

via Grubb: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 likely to be revealed before this year's E3 (possibly around May)

"Expect to hear about the game in a significant way before E3"

— Nibel (@Nibellion) January 6, 2022

The reason why the sequel to Jedi Fallen Order is so eagerly awaited lies in the first chapter (here you can read our review about it), given that a title dedicated to Star Wars has long been expected which is excellent from many points of view, and above all that it was able to satisfy both critics and users for the most part.

In the meantime, although we will have to wait a long time, another title dedicated to Star Wars is in development at Quantic Dream, an open world title with choices and consequences that will make us live in the science fiction world of George Lucas in a practically unprecedented way: Star Wars Eclipse, another title to keep an eye on if you are a fan of this cult series.

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