Star Wars Jedi: Survivors will officially show itself at the TGA

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Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts e Lucasfilm Games have officially announced that ai The Games Awards, an event that celebrates the end of the year for the video game industry to be held on December 8th, will be shown for the first time Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. Additionally, a new title image has been released, depicting Cal Kestis and his lifelong companion BD-1.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is set five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal Kestis begins to feel the burden of being one of the last Jedi remained in the galaxy. Accompanied by his faithful companion BD-1, Cal will embark on a new journey that will see him at the center of new encounters and alliances with characters never seen before. To accomplish his mission, our hero must be able to evolve as Jedi, learning powerful new skills and increasingly mastering the power of Force.

The reveal trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivors was presented for the first time during the Star Wars Celebration held in May 2022, and according to what was declared by some well-known insiders, the publication of the new chapter of the saga Star wars jedi is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.


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