Starfield, a former developer speaks: "The engine is bad"

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Starfield was announced during E3 2018, and after years of waiting you can try it firsthand in December. Despite this, it appears that a former Bethesda developer has made some known detail on the engine used to make Starfield, and according to him it's a bad engine.

In fact, some have criticized screenshots of the game, which seem not to live up to the title that Bethesda wants to make. The user of ResetEra Hevyoo8 is a former employee of Bethesda who had the role of character artist, according to the site administrators. And the latter showed some screenshots of the game, which make everyone doubt. While you have to take this information with a grain of salt, they might take a look at like the development of the space RPG is proceeding.

Responding to a user, Hevyoo8 makes it known that Bethesda Game Studios is a great place to work, Todd Howard is a truly charismatic man and give some information about Starfield, and despite harshly criticizing the engine used, it seems that the rest is decidedly positive. All reported by an image reported by

As for the development of the game, the developer makes it known that there have been playtests every week, specifically on Thursday, since the beginning of the year. And according to him the shooting is well done. There are some criticisms of the ship's flight system, presumably, while graphically it's a great game. Although it is not comparable with other titles, such as Horizon Forbidden West.

Perhaps one of the most pressing questions concerns the possible postponements, in fact, everyone has asked if Bethesda will be able to get the game out in time. The answer has been there and while it's not quite the best answer in the world for some, it seems that the developer tried to spread positivity. In fact, she explained that they will surely try, and she also explained that she couldn't say anything else because Starfield has so much content: "Maybe too much."

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