Starfield: Bethesda reveals the dialogue system

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Starfield it will not only be about exploring an infinite universe. There will also be a lot of talk. Interacting with the locals will be one of the fundamental skills required to survive the frontier.

We're back to a sort of classic Bethesda-style dialogue.

This said Bethesda CEO and game director Todd Howard in a recent interview. This means that the player will look at the person speaking and then respond with several unique options, or many.

Howard revealed that Starfield has over 250.000 lines of dialogue, more than double that of Fallout 4, and because the player character is silent, none of these lines come from the protagonist of the story.

Howard also revealed Starfield's persuasion system. The example shown was a conversation with a marauder or pirate character where the player has several options to talk quietly with the person to avoid a violent encounter or to intimidate

This is all done through a point system. There is also a turn limit for how many times you can attempt a persuasive argument on your topic.

It was not possible to see what would happen if the persuasion failed, but previous Bethesda games usually solved such an outcome through violence.

It feels natural.

Howard adds, finally speaking on the sci-fi factor of the game, explaining that Starfield will not be as merciless as the cold emptiness of space.

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