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After an unfortunate postponement, finally Starfield returns to be talked about, with theXbox and Bethesda Games Showcase which has in fact reserved some pleasant news about it, with what is defined as the most ambitious game ever that has been revealed with a gameplay trailer, which you can find on the cover of the article.

In the video shown we see the collection of minerals at the beginning and the exploration of a planet that we have already seen in the first trailer, with also a first-person shooter sequence that was not lacking, between explorations in narrow places and fighting with enemies in the area, while there will also be a sort of stealth.

The shooting seemed somewhat classic, with the life of the enemies in full role-playing game ready to empty themselves with blows, while they defend themselves and it is necessary to unleash their arsenal to be able to face them. Then there is talk of a burglary system designed to find loot, obviously space-themed like the whole experience.

The discounts in focus have not been few, and this suggests that - in the style of the company's Fallout - we will see many in the course of the experience, which as shown will leave ample possibilities for movement. Of course, there are still many details to discover, even if the new video has already had the opportunity to deepen some of the civilizations to meet and planets to visit, including friendly robots and characters ready to inevitably mark the experience.

After the statements a few weeks ago, in which Starfield was at the center of a media storm, when the development team announced yet another delays in the production of the title as they focused on the development of a software able to reproduce in a realistic way the folds of a blanket on the bed while the latter is used by the player, to date it seems that the title is making its exit with great fanfare: the most important Xbox Series X / S exclusive that has ever been presented is on the way.

What do we know for sure about the title so far? Well the game was announced on the stage of the then E3, in 2018 more precisely and to follow in 2021 always on the same stage a gameplay trailer was shown that literally sent the audience into raptures, all convinced that the game would be released soon. given the quality of the material shown but in fact, the wait has been and still is long.

At the plot level, the game develops in an area located fifty light years from Earth, in the system called The Settled Systems and we are in the year 2310 where two factions are battling for supremacy: Freestar Collective and United Colonies battle it out and the game takes hold twenty years after a bloody colonial war and the player's role will be to play a member of the Constellation or a super partes organization that makes space exploration its focus.

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