Starfield is not No Man's Sky, we explain what it is

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The presentation of Starfield it was one of the most compelling moments of this period full of announcements. At the conference Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in fact, we could give a first and full-bodied look at the title, which had now become something mystical and legendary within the gaming landscape. It must be said that the team has always reassured the fans about the state of the work, but it must be said that we had never seen the game at work in this way. There are those, however, who have labeled it as the new No Man's Sky, who the Skyrim in space: the truth, however, is far from what is assumed.

Don't call it Open World, but Open Space

It seems clear that the new frontier of the open world is obviously this sort of fully explorable open universe, made from different worlds formed by different ecosystems. This aspect is certainly one of the most fascinating of the production, since it immediately highlights one thing: discovering all the secrets will be something very complicated. We have already seen with Elden Ring the difficulties - if we want to call them that - in fully exploring every corner of the map when this is practically immense, and with Starfield we automatically reach the next level.

We are therefore not dealing with procedurally created worlds, we are talking about environments created and arranged specifically, so as to provide the user with continuous interaction. Of course, it will be necessary to see how the team will fill and differentiate the various areas, however, what we have seen also bodes well for the ambition and scope of the project. You can therefore recover various types of materials: flora, fauna and many other types of resources. This makes it clear that consequently the component of the crafting Sara fundamental, not only to improve some aspects of the character but also for actual survival, since the habitats will not always be friendly towards you.

But not only abandoned lands or breathtaking landscapes, there will also be majestic metropolises, such as the capital New Atlantis which literally left us speechless. One of the things that impressed the most about the presentation is undoubtedly the variety and the characterization of the locations, so in this sense we can't wait to find out more.

What to expect

Within the game, the main character (who will be fully customizable) is part of a group of space explorers called Constellation, whose purpose is to recover ancient artifacts scattered throughout the universe. The discovery of these particular objects will allow the resolution of some enigmas that have always afflicted the life of the human being, how to discover the meaning of the very existence of life. It goes without saying that the customization of the character will be closely linked to the gameplay, which promises to be particularly sparkling.

In the movie we saw a sort of assault on a fortress: at that juncture we see the protagonist moving quickly from one side of the building to the other, killing all the enemies quickly. We are sure that this will not be the only way to approach a battle, as it is clear that there will be several guns with unique abilities and characteristics. In addition to this, it will be necessary to see how it will be linked to the development of the character and how much personal characteristics will affect, but these are aspects that at present we cannot yet decipher.

Traveling among the stars

As mentioned earlier, Starfield's goal is to let us explore in search of the secrets of the universe. But how do you think you can move between one planet and another? Obviously with a nice spacecraft. We assume that you can have more than one at the same time, and that every aspect of it will be fully customizable: composition, color, engines, appearance, shields and much more. You will be free to create your own “space mount”, completely according to your personal tastes.

Obviously this part of the trailer is the one that certainly convinced us the most, at least from a visual point of view. There will also be space battles with a very particular damage system, where the hits suffered by the spaceships seem real, and we can't wait to hear the feeling that certain pad sequences will give to the hand.

Small side note, in perfect Bethesda style you can change the view between first and third person, choosing yourself how to deal with the different situations. Of course, if you see your character "from the outside" you can maintain a more general control of the situation, but with the first-person view the identification is truly total. Starfield was a blow to the heart, one of those games that you can't wait to have in your hands just like when you were a child. We hope that Bethesda has really hit the mark, as opposed to what happened previously with some productions that then did not turn out to be up to par (did anyone say Fallout 76?).

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