Starfield: is the release date close to the announcement?

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One of the titles that this summer managed to warm the hearts more than others is undoubtedly Starfield, the new IP of Bethesda that will see us explore the infinity of space. During a copious video during the Xbox showcase, much of the game was shown, with a focus on many of the aspects that most intrigued gamers.

In fact, we were able to take a look at the gameplay, the size of the universe, the number of planets, up to the possibility of even customizing our spaceship. Among the many things, however, We have not yet been notified of a precise release date, which in a certain sense has destabilized us (especially due to the current times and the continuous news of postponement of various Triple A).

In these hours, however, some clues seem to suggest that the release date is close to the announcement: during the last few hours, "movements" have been recorded on the Steam page of the game, which has seen the date change for less than a day. 'exit from a generic 2023 to "December 29 2023“, And then return to the previous status.

It is not clear why this was done, but as many on Reddit have speculated after some investigation, it appears that it was a placeholder temporary (which is not difficult to believe, given the magnitude of the date near the end of the year).

All this, however, suggests that the actual membership in Bethesda is actually being summed up, and that in all probability we could find the release date on the calendar very soon. We look forward to further developments.

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