Starfield: Phil Spencer wants to surpass even Skyrim

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Starfield is probably one of the best known and most anticipated IPs of the franchises currently under the wing of Microsoft, and recently the famous Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox section) said that (paraphrasing) this title will be the bigger and more impressive product made by Betheda. In particular, the aspect ratio looks like it should go beyond even The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim.

Obviously the good Phil is in all probability trying to bring "water to his own mill" with deliberately enthusiastic phrases, to always keep very high attention on a project in which the Redmond giant is investing a lot of capitals and human resources. Consequently, it seems quite normal for a figure in his position to make such proclamations, or in any case to question himself positively on the issue.

However, we cannot deny that the words that we report below in this article still have a great value especially for the figure who uttered them. In fact, as many will remember with the Cyberpunk 2077 case, the promises and excessive expectations can betray even very important champions of the world of video games and damage its image very seriously.

Here are Spencer's statements from VGC colleagues:

I love the stats from Forza 5 and Halo… I love how many people have played Psychonauts 2 versus Psychonauts 1

So when I look at (other) teams, when Todd and I talk about Starfield, it's like (we're like): 'How can we make sure this is Todd Howard's most played game ever?

For the reason cited above, such a statement from the well-known Phil Spencer on Starfield certainly is a very important position, even if asked with a question mark. This is because this new IP is being compared with a saga that has over 5 official chapters to its credit such as that of The Elder Scrolls.

Consequently, despite our natural reluctance towards ads very enthusiastic, we can certainly define ourselves quite interested, if not in hype for the new baby from Bethesda.

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