Starfield will let you explore “Over 1000 Planets”, after finding the photo mode

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We have finally seen, as we could have expected, much more regarding Starfield, one of the flagship video games from the Microsoft and Bethesda and that will make us travel between countless planets. After its very cryptic revelation and after a trailer that still left a lot to the imagination, the new sci-fi title finally has a well-defined identity, and it promises to be much broader than we had imagined.

In the game, in fact, as we also saw from the small taste in one of the trailers of last night's event, it will be possible to explore hundreds of solar systems e over a thousand planets.

The amazing thing is that in addition to landing in the classic cities, you can explore any point on any planet, which could - along with all the other features shown - make it the definitive sci-fi game as far as space exploration is concerned, arriving where Mass Effect 2 had only imagined, and where No Man's Sky tragically failed at launch (sure , however, we are talking about very different budgets ed).

Among all that we can do in Starfield, we also find the customization of the avatar, Its background narrative, the construction and Customization of his own nave, a system of shooting which seems to envy nothing to pure FPS, battles between spaceships, exploration and resource collection, and much more, such as unique planets and creatures.

What, however, had not yet been clarified and / or confirmed, but which has found light thanks to the images taken from the video showcase, is that Starfield will also have a complete photo mode. Clearly this feature goes hand in hand with everything else that has been shown, and will allow us to create magnificent shots (it remains to be defined whether it will be activated at any time of the game, so whether it is in battle, both on a ship and in exploration).

Recall that Starfield was initially scheduled for this November, however it has recently been postponed, and the new expected release period is the spring of the 2023.

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