State of Play for June with news on PSVR2, date and time

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It was announced with a post on the official PlayStation blog the new State of Play for the month of June, there will be news regarding PSVR2. The posted image shows a precise date and time, we talk about the June 2, 2022 at 23:59 Spanish local time.

The State of Play we remember being a Sony PlayStation event in which, very often, thick titles are announced (with an eye to AAA titles) arriving on the platforms of the Japanese house. However, we are curious to discover the news regarding the viewer PSVR2.

The news regarding the viewer has not been very much, the most important can be viewed in our previous article, in which we talk about the increased viewing angle or fidelity of the augmented image reality, however it always remains controversial (even if technically understandable) the use of a single cable, so the report states, to connect to the PlayStation 5 console.

What we expect from this anyway State of Play are announcements that may have a specific weight, both for what concerns PlayStation 5 but also for what concerns the previous PlayStation 4, and maybe why not, have confirmations (or denials) about some rumors that hover around the PC market and to PlayStation's interest in that platform.

PlayStation in this regard has been very buttoned up in recent months, and the only (or almost) news we have had through rumors, rumors scattered here and there, which spoke of several titles in development such as a remastered of The Last of Us Part 2 for PlayStation 5.

And who knows maybe PlayStation will confirm or deny all the rumors that hover over our heads shouting the name of PlayStation 5 Pro, even if it is presumable that we will remain in the dark for a long time. But hope is the last to die, so we just have to sit back and confidently await the start of this new one State of Play where for sure, as has been confirmed, we will have news regarding the PSVR2.

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