State of Play in June with Abandoned confirmed?

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It is definitely not very fresh news: it has been rumored for some time now that Sony could, how not, keep one State of Play, with a presentation of Abandoned, over the next few days, even if, at least for the moment, there is no precise or unofficially confirmed date.

What is expected? Most fans are hoping for the great return of the god of war, Kratos, in the sequel to God of War, despite the fact that, as mentioned before, the official nature is lacking.

In these days of darkness and uncertainty, the voices that I want this new event have continued to gain strength, more insistent PlayStation and the effective date. Even the well-known Tom henderson he had already expressed himself on the matter, confirming the arrival of an appointment for next week and of which, now, a further argument in favor seems to have arrived.

To support Henderson's thesis, is the director of Abandoned, the horror title that became a meme, given its ability to appear and disappear under the hopes of fans. Hasan Kahraman has, in fact, posted a story on his instagram profile in which he says "I'm really very excited for next week's State of Play."

Surely a story that gives comfort to the fans, but considering the subject, it could be just the umpteenth mockery: it is not clear if a State of Play is actually coming, there is no official status and we can only rely on rumors of corridor. This information has to be taken with a grain of salt and you only have to wait a little longer.

It is shortly before the indicative date promulgated by Henderson and Kahraman, and we will soon find out if the State of Play will be held or not and if it will be possible for us to see any segment of the Abandoned game.

Without departing too much from the PlayStation theme, we remind you that the adoption and launch of the new program planned for the PS Plus, the new subscription, which among the proposed plans includes numerous classic games, is recent: at this link you can read more information.

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