Steam Deck: A youtuber connects an external GPU to the console

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The handheld console would work VALVE, Steam deck, if we connected an external GPU to them? Definitely yes, but obviously it would lose some portability.

A youtube channel, such AND Prime, has published a video, in which an external GPU is connected to the Steam Deck step by step, and apparently the console works: we are shown how the console behaves with a video card Radeon RX 6900, removing the SSD from its M.2 slot. The question to be answered is: can we play in 4K su Steam Deck with an external video card? Apparently yes, but it was necessary to use Windows 11 to make it work.

Saving you more technical details, the youtuber managed to run The Witcher III at a resolution of 4K at the maximum of the graphic details set, with the frame-rate that went up to 108 fps, while GTA V always reached 70 fps. with maximum detail in 4K.

Clearly this is an experiment that ETA Prime did for demonstration purposes with Steam Deck and an external GPU, and therefore strongly discourages users to try to do a similar thing. This is not so much for the purely technical question, but more for the fact that this maneuver would distort the console itself, depriving it of the portability which is clearly its fundamental component (and the reason why it was born).

We remind you that this new VALVE gem is still performing at very high levels, even if it is not fixed, so much so that many reviews of those who have had the opportunity to try it, have defined and described it as a "Powerful and perfectly built pocket PC".

By proposing the video of the ten-minute experiment on the cover of the article, we remind you that the pre-orders to win Steam Deck are available in waves, with the second in the pipeline.

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