Steam Deck already a victim of drift, the problem is shown in video

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It would seem that Steam deck you risk emulating i first models of Nintendo Switch, with a problem of drift which has been encountered by some users, and which can be seen in a demonstration video.

The drift is, therefore, a malfunction that, unfortunately, is involving the highly anticipated console of Valve. The video that is circulating on the web comes from Twitter, where it was shared by wario64. On Reddit, those who received the console started commenting on the situation, and it turned out that several had to deal with the drift problem.

It would appear that it is there right stick to need maintenance, since the problem is mainly registered by the latter. It is hoped that the next pieces will no longer present the error, almost identical to what happened with the Nintendo Switch and both of its Joy-Con.

The Nintendo home console has, in fact, manifested a defect in the levers from the first weeks. Many players have accused a malfunction, whereby the Joy-Con they no longer responded to commands and got stuck in a certain position, or seemed unable to read the players' instructions. Playing was particularly complicated, and Nintendo took steps to activate a service of free assistance.

According to the latter, defective Joy-Con were repaired at no additional cost, and send them back to fully functional players. A few weeks ago, the launch day of Steam Deck was announced, namely the February 25 2022. The product is, for now, available in limited numbers, so one is required booking. Valve's console will be sold to players on a pre-order basis and while supplies last (momentarily).

It is essential, however, that Valve take action to solve the Steam Deck drift problem which, as can be seen in the video, is quite serious when it occurs.

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