Steam Deck: The Dock reveals itself in the new images

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We already knew that Valve had plans to create a official dock per Steam deck, but until now we never got to see what the product in question would look like.

This is the first time we've seen full renders of the official Steam Deck dock. Although some images were released earlier today, they never gave a he completes the squareor the aforementioned product.

As Valve previously confirmed, the Steam Deck dock comes with a USB-C cable used for connecting to the Steam Deck USB-C port on the top of the handheld. The dock also includes a port HDMI 2.0, a Display Port 1.4, a Ethernet port and one power port and three ports USB-A (One USB 3.1 and two USB 2.0).

Valve had postponed the release of the Steam Deck dock, now officially revealing that the release is now set for "late spring". Although there is still no official information on the dock cost, obviously it will not be necessary to purchase it to use the Steam Deck. You can see the images of the dock in question below:


With the official release of the Steam Deck, which took place on February 25 2022, Valve has already stated that it will not increase the price of current Steam Deck SKUs, although the company may consider creating high-end models in the future.

For those unfamiliar with this peculiar Valve console, we are talking about a portable device that sets itself the task of being a real small-scale gaming computer, very similar in shape to Nintendo Switch but slightly larger than the latter.

The main difference with the console produced by the Grande N is that the Steam Deck is in effect a real "portable PC" complete with user configurable operating system who can decide whether to keep Steam OS or move directly to Windows. If you are interested in learning more about the various features of the console, we refer you to our dedicated article.

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