Steam Deck undergoes a downgrade on SSD memory

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Let's start from a base: Steam deck, Valve's handheld console, came out in three versions, two of which equipped with an SSD. The first Steam Decks, portable consoles closer to a PC than to a classic platform, capable of installing games from the Steam library (and not only), had a SSD PCI express 3.0 x4, now replaced in some pieces of the console by a SSD PCI express 3.0 x2.

The description on the official website has been updated, with a footnote highlighting this possible change. For those who do not chew this data well, the difference between the two SSDs is the maximum speed: in fact, if both are drives capable of reaching the speed of 985 MB / s, x2 can reach double this number as a maximum band, x4 instead quadruple.

Although Valve immediately pointed out that according to their tests there is no difference in the experience, on the other hand for those who bought Steam deck there may be a bit of a bad mood before this update. Recall that Steam Deck was launched in February, after 2 months late due to the lack of chips, and Valve is still completing the orders placed, considering that those who did not take it during the announcement received it months later, or worse still have yet to receive it.

Valve is intent on doubling the number of Steam Decks coming out, so from speed up the completion of pre-orders and achieve greater platform diffusion. Recall that Steam Deck allows you to take advantage of the power and functions of a PC on a portable (somewhat bulky) platform. Steam Deck is available in three versions:

  • 64 GB eMMC at 419 €, with case
  • 256 GB NVMe for € 549 with case and exclusive profile bundle
  • 512GB NVMe for € 679 with exclusive case, bundle, anti-glare etched glass, virtual keyboard theme

For now, the availability for pre-order from Q3 of this year (from October 2022 on).

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