Steam Deck: Valve's console has a release date

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Lo Steam deck of Valve finally has a release date, with the developers who have released a very important announcement on the official website just to present the launch day, scheduled for the very close February 25 2022.

The date is therefore extremely close, since there is less than one month for the arrival of this new "portable console" on the store, even if some urgent very important clarifications regarding the disseminated data. In fact, the product is for now in limited number and accordingly we will proceed in booking order for distribution.

In particular, buyers who have booked the Steam Deck first will receive e-mails from the day of the release date (also February 22) for confirm the reservation and purchase. The email sent by Steam, however, will have a limited period of validity (72 hours) after which from the transmission, it will expire and will be passed to the next buyer.

Consequently, our advice to those who have pre-ordered the Steam Deck is to always keep an eye on the email used for the pre-order, so as not to lose your place in the queue, from 19:00 on February 25th Spanish time. Unfortunately, we do not know when and if stocks will arrive in greater numbers to cope with any large demand.

At the same time as sending for fans who have already booked this new and particular "portable console" from Valve, the print versions which, however, will have to keep the reviews confidential until the launch day, even if they are not excluded previews and first impressions of the product ahead of time.

For those unfamiliar with this new showdown by Valve in terms of hardware, we are talking about a portable gaming device that is not just a console easily transportable, but it is rather a small-scale gaming computer, very similar in shape and size to the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, the main difference with the Big N machine is that the Steam Deck is a all effects a real "Portable PC" complete with an operating system "configurable" by users who can decide whether to keep Steam OS, or move directly on Windows, as well as obviously many other features that we let you discover in our article dedicated to this link.

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