Steam Deck will run the Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulators

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The awaited Valve portable console, that is Steam deck, will be launched next week, more precisely on February 25th. Pending the imminent release of the aforementioned console, the Twitter account of Dolphin emulator, Nintendo's emulator, shared a photo showing the running software on the Steam Deck operating system.

As highlighted in a dedicated Reddit post, it appears the Dolphin team was able to get their hands on a 'development unit of the console license plate Valve.

If the name of Dolphin doesn't tell you anything, we inform you that it is an emulator dedicated to Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii titles born in 2003 and the Steam Deck, with the help of this emulator, would seem to be able to manage games like F-Zero GX.

The Steam Deck operating system it is based on Linux, which means it shouldn't have a problem running a variety of different emulators.

Honestly pretty surprised the Dolphin team was able to get a dev unit from Valve. from SteamDeck

Honestly, I'm quite surprised that the Dolphin team was able to get a development unit from Valve.

For those unfamiliar with this peculiar Valve console, we are talking about a portable device that sets itself the task of being a real small-scale gaming computer, very similar in shape to Nintendo Switch but slightly larger than the latter.

The main difference with the console produced by the Grande N is that the Steam Deck is in effect a real "portable PC" complete with user configurable operating system who can decide whether to keep Steam OS or move directly to Windows. If you are interested in learning more about the various features of the console, we refer you to our dedicated article.

The potential of the Steam Deck seems endless, given that recently Shuhei Yoshida, currently Head of PlayStation Indies, showed a Steam Deck with 2018 God of War running.

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