Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin gives fans a rickroll

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A real rickroll has arrived from the official site of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which instead of the trailer of the new expansion just announced, as we have had the opportunity to deepen in the article that you find at this link, has proposed the historical video troll.

Let's talk about the video seen on YouTube by anyone in the world because of the many trolls on the net that are carried out thanks to this, and which has replaced the trailer for the new DLC. We do not know if the company immediately intended to proceed with a troll of this type or if it was an error, but as confirmed by the many reports arrived on the net, the "problem" has now been solved, and the trailer is indeed available.

After the announcement of the new DLC, the company has not in any way commented on the issue, only taking care of changing the link that refers to the trailer on the official website, and it was in fact the many fans who noticed the rickroll di Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, considering that in actual fact it was almost impossible to imagine that everything would take place on the official website of the well-known Japanese company.

the link to the video for the new dlc on the official SoP site leads to a Rick roll right now???

— riv (@rivtalks) June 30, 2022

It is certainly nice to see how even large companies such as Square Enix have fun from time to time with practices of this type, consequently finding themselves unveiling a video so appreciated and hated instead of a trailer that was particularly awaited and among other things also available on the official YouTube channel.

Waiting to find out if in some time the colossus will be able to comment on the issue, we take the opportunity to refer you to our in-depth article on the new soulslike game that is part of the Final Fantasy saga, which you can access simply by following the link that find below to find out our opinions.

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