Street Fighter 6 is coming according to Jeff Grubb

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For those who do not know him, Jeff grubb is a writer and author of video games; he is also one of the people who most often takes us with him his theories on video games, and it seems that the theory concerning the Capcom countdown points directly to the new Street Fighter VI.

According to what was said during an episode of GrubbSnax, the game that will be announced next Monday (exactly at 6 am) will be a new iteration of the famous fighting game. We had staked everything on a new Resident Evil, maybe the remake of Code Veronica, but in the end we could be left with a dry mouth (so to speak).

Street Fighter V dates back to 2016, although many editions have come out later, all designed to add characters and adjust the balance between the various characters. The latest game is out on February 14, 2020 now, and even if we take that as an example, it's been 2 years since Capcom has put on track something new related to that chapter.

(FYI) According to Jeff Grubb on GrubbSnax expect Street Fighter VI to be announced on Monday

— Idle Sloth (@IdleSloth84) February 17, 2022

There would therefore be all the prerequisites for launch a title ready to inherit it, so as to make happy the newbies and the champions who already train and compete in many races related to Street Fighter every day.

The competitions that challenge two players on the Street Fighter V field are many and well structured, and every year EVO is even held, Evolution Championship Series, where from the beginning the Capcom game is among those chosen for the competition.

We just have to wait for Monday morning, so as to find out if in the end the countdown will reveal something interesting related to Street Fighter, such as a new chapter or a new edition, something intriguing about Resident Evil as we thought, or if in the end it will be reduced. in a stalemate with an unexpected announcement (on some new IP) or worse something not even that interesting.

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