Street Fighter 6: next-gen combat in gameplay at Summer Game Fest

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During the Summer Game Fest the first Street Fighter 6 gameplay was shown, which you can find on the cover of the article.

Direct follow-up to the fifth chapter and the various declinations that have taken place over the years, Street Fighter 6 takes us once again into increasingly frenetic and "mystical" martial arts clashes. Together with many methods already known, the game will bring with it two new experiences: the mode world tour, it will be dedicated to single player lovers and will offer an immersive gaming experience in this sense; below you can find out how Battle Hub which in the future will be expanded and which basically proposes itself as an advanced communication system for players who will be dedicated to challenging each other to improve together.

The main novelty of Street Fighter 6 gameplay revolves around the system "DriveOr a bar located under the characters' vitality meters that allows the use of different skills, as long as all or part of that energy that the bar holds is consumed. Once emptied, it leaves the fighters in a state of "exhaustion" but will automatically reset over time. Here are the hits that a character can make with the Drive System:

  • Drive Impact: a heavy attack that can absorb an opponent's incoming attack, similar to a Focus Attack. When executed near the corner, he can pin the opponent to the wall even if he is blocking.
  • Drive Parry: deflects an incoming attack and fills the bar Drive. A "perfect block" can be performed if an attack is deflected in perfect synchrony.
  • Overdrive: the substitution of moves EX Special in previous Street Fighter titles. An empowered special attack that adds hits or improves the properties of your basic move.
  • Drive Rush: A quick shot that can be taken by one Drive Parry or from a normal attack. Escaping from a normal move costs more Drive units than a parry.
  • Drive Reversal: simile a un Alpha Counter o V-Reversal: the user blocks an incoming shot and responds with a low damage move.

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